Token Design and Engineering Services

Token Design

Start with the basics. There's no need to complicate things

Let's cover some basics

  • Liquidity Pool Design
  • Financials and Currency Flow
  • User Cases
  • Governance
  • Community
  • Incentives
  • Deterrants

Token Engineering

There's a lot to consider

We tackle the technology

  • Layer 1 & 2 platforms
  • Smart Contract Design
  • Software Development and Support
  • Inflationary Mechanisms 
  • Automatic Market Makers
  • KYC and Jurisdictional Regulations

Ongoing Support

Starting to Scale

Room to Grow

  • Platform Support
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Legal Support 
  • Cross jurisdictional functionality
  • Community Management
  • System Growth
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Web3 technology gives individuals and organizations the ability to create and circulate their own currencies. Previously only a right left to kings, emperors, and governments, organizations are creating their own incentivized economies in the digital dimension. Each of these economies requires a robust design which considers the community, stakeholders, resources, incentives, governance, bonding curves, and hundreds of other considerations to function, let alone flourish.

We love designing token economies. What is your vision? Let’s build it together.