Case Studies

Healthcare Intelligence Technology

Problem – Product Market Fit and Sales

Solution – Connect with large health organization C-Level executives to get product-market fit feedback and establish new partnerships

Results – 4 appointments/week; determined specific gap points of product-market fit

Timeline – 10 weeks

In the summer of 2021, Impact Social engaged with a Healthcare Competitive Intelligence Product Company to ignite the sales effort and determine product-market potential.

In 10 weeks, we built a system to consistently schedule 4 weekly appointments with cold leads. Our audience was C-Level Healthcare Organization Executives focused on competitive intelligence, strategic planning, and technology development. Through our efforts, we were able to determine the exact feature specifications the industry was looking for and grow the warm-lead prospective list from 2 to 40. The business was a Saas model with a $25,000-$50,000 annual price point. 

Sustainable Energy Investment Loans

Problem – Needed qualified leads

Solution – Put together outreach campaign at targeted international sustainable energy C-Suite audience

Results – Collected 1000 qualified leads delivering 6 interested clients to management

Timeline – 6 weeks

Over 6 weeks, Impact Social discovered and reached out to 1000 leads. The target audience was C-Level financial executives (usually CFOs) in the international alternative energy industry who were in need of collateral-based loans in order to develop new projects. In order to find qualified leads, we performed market research to determine which industries, titles, and locations would be best suited for these loans ($10MM-$500MM). Once our research determined the target market to be European, North African, and American alternative energy projects, we built a qualified list of 1000 contacts with relevant information before approaching, qualifying, and meeting potential clients. After which, we delivered the qualified potential client to management.

Defi Technology Development Fundraising

Problem – Needed to register with the SEC for crowdfunding and accredited investment; lobbied for correct cryptocurrency regulation in Washington D.C.

Solution – Advised and helped develop SEC package, PPM, and crowdfunding campaign; Lobbied in D.C.

Results – Raised funds through accredited investments – company is currently at 6X initial valuation; Contacted and visited 3 Representatives and 1 Senator

Timeline – 6 months

We consulted and advised a Defi (decentralized finance) Blockchain Development company in order to establish a crowdfunding campaign, register with the SEC, and create a PPM (private placement memorandum) in order to intake capital from accredited investors. Additionally, we led the lobby efforts by contacting and visiting federal Representatives and Senators who were influential in financial legislation in order to support correct federal cryptocurrency taxonomy definitions and legislative measures.

National and Local Beverage Distribution

Problem – Needed to establish a local presence and additional national distribution for a new seltzer beverage

Solution – Created a full-force sales organization around the product for local and national sales

Results – 25 customers in the first 4 months.  Currently 10 local customers/month and accelerating. 1-2 national clients/month.

Timeline – 6 months

In 4 months, Impact Social brought in 25 local retail customers and 3 national distributors for a new Delta-8 Seltzer beverage. We started with a cold market and no experience in the beverage distribution industry. We quickly created a sales process, complete with list building, appointment setting, closing, and local and national representatives to augment the sales for the manufacturer. This project is currently ongoing.

Ammunition Importing Registration with ATF

Problem – Needed to register to import small arms munitions for domestic sales

Solution – Documented and led distributor through the process of registering with the ATF to import ammunition

Results – Approved on the first application

Timeline – 1 month

A national distributor approached Impact Social with the need to import ammunition for sporting firearms from international manufacturers, due to a domestic shortage. We researched, documented, and led the distributor through the application process with the ATF. After the in-person background check, they were approved and have started generating revenue through domestic ammunition sales.