A Hub of Hope

The Goal

The most recognized socially conscious non-profit

Value visibility

Where the Reeb Is


Facebook: 667 Likes

Instagram: 27 Posts, 85 Followers

Twitter: 96 Tweets, 104 Followers

YouTube: No Channel!

MailChimp: Unknown!

SnapChat: None!

Who We Are

Agile Marketing





Our Industry Example

Fashion Week Columbus

Money raised over 5 events: $2120

Industry specific reach:

Identified over 200 new donors

96 emails

30-37% open rate (national average 22.87%)

29.2% highest click through rate (national average 3.26%)


Website Hits


Our Partners

Valued Relations

After-School All-Stars, CCAD, Columbus Diaper Bank, Columbus Museum of Art, Fashion Week Columbus, Green Columbus, Loud Capital, Stellar, Stonewall, The Ohio State University, The Photobombuer, The Jay Richardson Foundation, The November Company

How We Do It


Combination of Digital and Non-digital content-based marketing

Brand Coordination and Pervasiveness

Reeb Avenue Center Liaison

Community Partnerships and Activities

Capture Reeb Ave Stories to Share

Our Technology: CRM, context-based marketing, raffle engine

What to Expect


Double the Reeb network reach over social media in 3-6 months

Create visibility to Columbus communities through consistent marketing and network growth

Large corporate donations from those who want to be directly involved in the improvement of the community

Meet and beat the city indicators for illiteracy, drug abuse, infant mortality, incarceration, and education

Why We Are Different


Our Strategy

Our Technology

Our Execution

Our People

Brian Thomas

Executive Director Impact Social

Brian Thomas created Impact Social in May of 2016 after 3.5 years of business development for Wirefree, a wireless technology firm. Before starting his career at Wirefree, Brian graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

James Gilmore

The November Company

James Gilmore is the President and CEO of The November Company in Columbus, Ohio. James has a Masters in Film and TV Production from The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California. He is currently in production with two documentaries for HGTV and Netflix scheduled in 2017.

Ashly Priest

Impact Social Operations

Ashly Priest is the Marketing and Operations Manager for Impact Social. She earned a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. She has a decade of experience designing for global companies like Lbrands, and boutique European labels. As a board member in both the nonprofit and social entrepreneurship spaces, Ashly utilizes her marketing and branding experience to develop successful fundraising campaigns for local organizations.

Steve Thomas

Chief Technology Officer

Steve was the founder and CEO of Pathlore Software Corporation and the CTO for Wirefree Corporation. He earned a Master in Computer Science from American University and has over 25 years of hands-on software engineering experience including web-based systems, smart mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things(IoT) applications.